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In 1972 AMSOIL developed the first synthetic motor oil in the world to meet American Petroleum Institute service requirements. Currently, the AMSOIL product line includes the finest quality synthetic motor oils, synthetic diesel oils, gear lubes, synthetic greases, industrial lubricants, oil filters, air filters and automotive performance products.

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 Why I use AMSOIL:


I have a 1995 Nissan Maxima and it developed a bad lifter tick.  I was concerned and called Pat Goss.  He hosts a radio call-in show about cars, a TV show called Motor Week, and a spot on the local cable news channel.  I explained to him the problem I was having and he said that it might be a lifter that was gummed up.  He suggested that I try an engine-flushing product.  

I did as he recommended and there was a slight improvement so I thought I was on the right track.  I took the car to Pat’s shop and had him flush the engine with his Bilstien engine flush machine.  Again there was an improvement, but the tick was still there.  

This is when I made the switch to AMSOIL.  I used the Series 2000 0w30 and within 5000 miles the tick was completely GONE!


I bought a new 1999 Ford F-150.  Had to make three trips from my home in Southern Maryland to Lebonon New Jersey.  I wanted to see what kind of MPG improvement I would get by switching the truck over to AMSOIL.  I traveled at the same time of day, the same speed, and bought the same gas from the very same pumps.  

The first trip was the base line.  I then changed over to Series 2000 0w30 and made the second trip.  The second trip got 2 MPG more then the first.  I will have to admit that I never expected to see such an improvement.  I did expect some, but not that much.  I then switched the front and rear differentials to AMSOIL gear lube and the transfer case over to AMSOIL ATF and made the final trip.  The final trip showed a .5 MPG improvement.  

With a simple fluid change, I was able to improve the highway MPG of my new truck by 2.5 MPG.  If the AMSOIL was reducing friction in the engine and driveline enough to show such a noticeable improvement then I can only guess that the engine and drive line will last much longer.


I have 1996 Toyota 4Runner with a supercharger and all kinds of other go faster, stop faster, and turn faster mods.  Through the life of the engine I had always used what was labeled as a synthetic oil product.  Well, I was looking around on one of the Supra forums and saw that they referred to the stuff I had been using as “brown death.”  They said that it coats the inside of the engine with a thick brown coating and they were convinced that it shortened the life of the engine. 

It was at that time I was planning to remove my valve covers and adjust the valves.  When I removed the cover I could not believe what I saw.  I saw the very same thick brown coating that the Supra guys were talking about.  I can tell you that before I started using AMSOIL I always changed the oil in this engine every 3000-4000 miles without fail and I still had this crud coating the inside of my engine.  

This is when I put AMSOIL Series 2000 0w30 in the 4Runner.  10,000 miles later my highly polished valve covers came in and I removed to old ones to install them.  I was really impressed that the AMSOIL had almost completely eaten the crud away. 

Oil Changes: 

Prior to using AMSOIL I changed the oil in my 4Runner every 3000-4000 miles.  I was putting 30,000 mile a year on the truck, so that worked out to be a lot of oil changes.  I also tried to change the oil in my lovely wife’s Maxima every 4000 miles, but there always seemed to be a lack of coordination with letting me know it was due.  She was putting between 30,000 and 40,000 miles on the car a year.  It seemed I was always in the garage changing oil in something.

Using AMSOIL has really simplified my life when it comes to oil changes.  The oil I am using is good for one year or 35,000 miles between changes.  This allowed me to switch from a mileage change interval with just my best guess when it was due to an oil change interval based strictly on a date marked on the calendar.  I now simply change my oil twice a year.  That works out to be just under 20,000 miles in the Maxima and 15,000 miles in the 4Runner.  I chose this interval because it is simple, saves me time, and money on oil and filters.  I also believe that I am getting the best protection available as demonstrated on my oil analysis reports.  I may be throwing good oil away, but the simplicity of it all is more then worth it.

Air filter tests:

I am not one to be lead around by others.  I do listen to others, after all there is no sense in reinventing the wheel, but I always look at the facts, run my own tests and make up my own mind.  As you can see on my 4Runner page I have tested a lot of stuff, some worked out great and some did not. 

I had my Supercharged 4Runner on the dyno and I decided to see how my AMSOIL air filter compared to a K&N filter.  If you are curious to see, stop by my Air Induction page.