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Drag Strip Times

I have gotten hundreds of emails from people wanting to know what my truck does on the drag strip. I had always responded "I do not know, or care."

Well, I decided to go to the drag strip on a wild hair. I had never been to a drag strip before and really had no idea what was going on or what to do. I pulled up for my first time run and had no idea where the staging line was and the announcer busted my balls about it. He also made some comments about running an "SUV" against a sports car. The dude with the radio headset had me back up to the stage point. Well the light turned green and I mashed on the gas. Nothing fancy, I left it in OD and let it shift its self.

I ran against a new Celica GTS, and beat him. The poor kid was really upset, I mean really upset. We both went back to the pits to wait for the next round. I parked next to him and went to check out the other cars. On my way back a friend of his walked up and asked if my truck was stock. I popped the hood and let them take a look. The kid felt better that my truck was not stock.

My second run was against a Camaro with a 350. I was surprised, I beat him too. The third run was against an old muscle car with big slicks and big rumbly engine. I got dusted real bad. I smoked the rear tires real bad on the start and did not go anywhere quick.

Overall I had a good time and can see how people get hooked on it. There was all kinds of stuff out there. One guy was racing a luxury van and another a Dodge Ram with Dual rear tires. Lots of fun.

Anyway here is my time slip. I am the guy on the right. The left one is the Celica GTS. I might have done better if I had some idea what I was doing.

As you can see I am not far from 14s, as if that is really important.