Toyota 4Runner Topsites

  Stereo Upgrades

I decided to improve the sound of my stock stereo system. I would like to say that I did the work myself, but I did not. I had the work done by DSI Mobile in Laurel MD. I will tell you they did a great job and I am very happy.

I chose Diamond Motorsport M365 component speakers for the front. The cones are made of Kevlar. The passenger side crossover is stuffed into an open area in the dash below the vent and just to the right of the glove compartment. The driver's side one is mounted just above the kick panel under the dash. The speakers dropped right in with no modification. The tweeters where held in the stock location with a pliable hot glue. There was a dramatic improvement in sound quality so caught the bug and decided to go full bore and do the whole thing.

I chose Sony cassette head unit. I went with the cassette unit because I love to listen to books on tape while traveling.

A Sony MiniDisc changer was installed in the center console. It dropped right in with very little modification. MiniDisc is the way to go. You can record over them as many times as you want. I record what I want off of CDs, tapes, or what ever, and pop them in the changer. This way I get just the songs I want and nothing else. They are tiny little things and about 1/4 the size of CDs.

A Sony amp was installed under the driver's seat. It works really nice. It is more then loud enough for me and sounds great. I can drive with all the windows down and the sunroof open and can hear the music very clearly.

The rears speakers are Diamond Motorsports with the tweeters built in. The cross over is mounted to the door right above the speaker. The sheet metal had to opened up just a bit for the speakers to fit.

To finish things up I chose to go with a Sony bass tube. It is a nice rig and can be removed in seconds when needed.